Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Botanical Printing at the summer retreats

 Experiments in July Retreat.
 Top -Iron Pipe, Bottom -rusty pipe, same vegetation, same everything
                              Same vegetation as above-Top Copper pipe bottom, pine dowel
                                                                    July retreat
                                    Our "hillbilly" set up that worked great. Summer camp!

August retreat
Susan's idea-Put plant material on the inside of your tube so when it is turned over you have interest.


  1. Carin, where are you located? If you're having a summer camp in 2015, I want to reserve a space. I've only experienced resist dyeing and nuno felting, but am hungry for natural dyeing techniques. Actually, felting, dyeing...I want to experience everything!!!

    1. Sorry it took so long for me reply. I just saw your comment! I live in Northern California and will be hosting 2 summer camps in 2015. I am in the process of posting info right now so check it out in awhile.