Wednesday, September 17, 2014

county fair winner

Diane Christ, one of the students at my summer retreat won 2nd place with the cowl she made here. I'm proud.

And Donna won a prize at the Washington State fair with a scarf she made in my class!

Botanical Printing at the summer retreats

 Experiments in July Retreat.
 Top -Iron Pipe, Bottom -rusty pipe, same vegetation, same everything
                              Same vegetation as above-Top Copper pipe bottom, pine dowel
                                                                    July retreat
                                    Our "hillbilly" set up that worked great. Summer camp!

August retreat
Susan's idea-Put plant material on the inside of your tube so when it is turned over you have interest.

Saturday, February 15, 2014

Gualala Art Center Student's Work.

Student work from Gualala Art Center, January 2014

                                      Judy's finished shrug
                                     Elisebeth's finished shrug

                                 Barbara's shawl lay out
                                 The before of Judy's shrug

More student work

Barbara's shawl at the Gualala Art Center in January. Cotton cheesecloth.