Summer Camps/Retreats

2016 Summer Camp Schedule
June 11-12- $225.00
Linda Hartshorn-Shibori and Indigo    Sorry, full
Carin-Botanical Printing

July 8-10 $325.00                 3 spaces open
Felted Boots, clogs or hats

July 21-25th-5 day Garment workshop-Sorry Full

August 12-14th-$325.00      sorry, full
Felted Upholstery fabric, rugs

August 26-28th-$325.00      
Scarf Extravaganza-Nuno, ruffles
This workshop is turning into the "wait list" workshop. If there is a workshop you missed during the summer let me know and we can cover it in this workshop. I have 2 people making garments, etc.
 The Workshop Descriptions

June 11-12
Linda Hartshorn
PO Box 3144 Eureka, CA    95502 707-599-2729
Indigo Shibori
 Please visit Linda's web site for beautiful images of her work.
Create beautiful blue patterned fabrics with shibori and indigo! Shibori is the Japanese art of stitching, tying, and clamping cloth to create dyed patterns. Indigo, the natural blue dye, is wonderful for shibori dyeing. Prepare cotton and silk fabrics using the Japanese techniques of kumo, itajime, arashi, and more. Make an indigo vat and dye your shibori fabrics. Watch the cloth magically change from green to blue in your hands! Open your fabrics to reveal the dyed patterns. Time required: full day
Materials fee: $25 Provided for students: dye, cotton fabric, silk scarf, workshop notebook with indigo recipe.
Maximum number of students: 15
Materials for students to bring:    Old clothes and/or apron, gloves, scissors. Spool of heavy handsewing thread in white or natural (suggested is Dual Duty Button and Carpet thread), handsewing needles, number 2 pencil, seam ripper, a ball of size 10 crochet cotton or some 10/2 cotton in white or natural. If you can, please also bring a 3-4 ft. long piece of straight rigid white PVC or black ABS pipe (from a hardware store), 2” to 10” in diameter, wider is better. Optional: extra natural fiber fabric, undyed, to dye as time permits.

Carin Engen
Botanical Printing

            Botanical Printing is amazing. Just take leaves, stems, steam them rolled up in wool fabric around a pipe and "tada", you have imprints of the leaves. It is almost that easy but you need to learn the basics, make samples and have fun seeing what happens in this all day workshop. You will have the experience to go home and experiment to your heart's content. I will supply the wool fabric in the material fee and lots of vegetation and show lots of samples.
If you choose you can continue the process and overdye your sample in Linda Hartshorn’s workshop.

Students need to bring:
            A copper or iron pipe no longer than 15", (because it needs to fit in the steamer) and no bigger than 1 1/2" diameter.
            Twine to tie your bundle.
             I will supply wool fabric if you want to try that.

Any vegetation you would like to use. Optional.

July 8-10 Boots, clogs

Learn the ancient process of wet felting while making your own shoes. It amazes me that you can make shoes to fit starting with a bunch of fluffy wool that looks like cat hair! It is magic. Design your own look. Make the boots taller or shorter, choose color and design, add stitching, learn how to use a resist to make a flap for better fitting, use your imagination and have fun with it.
Soles are available online. You need to make the shoes first.
Warning, this method is a lot of work! Not for sissies.

Materials list for students;
            Shoe form, optional
6 ounces of Corriedale wool, appropriate for either boots or clogs
            Kiss My Face bar soap
            Hand held cheese grater
Plastic dish pan
2 old towels
6 buttons, if you have an idea of what you already want, but not necessary.
Please don’t wear your best clothes to the workshop. You will get wet and soapy while rubbing and finishing the boots on your feet.

These are not a requirement for the workshop. I know they are a crazy thing to make but they really save your back. To full the boots we need to put them on your feet during the last part of the process. Your friend can rub your boots on your feet or you can make these “feet” so you can continue to work on the table top.
PS, they have great duck tape available in tie dye and with flames etc. Pretty funny.

To made a mold of your feet;

Put on old socks.
Wrap your feet with duck tape up to your ankle. I used lots of duck tape to make them really firm.
Cut up the back and down the top a bit so you can get them off.
Stuff them lightly with polyfill or I used an old fleece.
Put the feet into a pair of tennis or clogs and continue to stuff them firmly.
            If you don’t put them in a shoe they will get too big.
Cut a piece of cardboard to fit the “leg hole” just above the ankle, place it over the stuffing and wrap with duck tape.

August 12-14th
Upholstery Fabric/Rugs 
 This workshop will cover the techniques used to make a strong piece of felt either for rugs or upholstery fabric. If you have a chair seat or foot stool in mind please bring it.
I will send a material list when the time gets closer.
Pansy Rug 24'X32"

Wall Hanging 45"x45"

August 26th-28th
Scarf Extravaganza
This workshop will be geared toward the beginner but advanced students are very welcome. If the "ruffle" has eluded you this is the class. We will cover all types of Nuno felting, including mosaic. Plus "non-Nuno techniques including how to make a soft, wool, drapable scarf that is not too thin or too thick, with holes if you like.The secret of the ruffle will also be taught. I will send you a material list when the time gets closer.

close up of Nuno scarf

Holey scarf


The cost is $325.00, meals included, except our Saturday girls night out.
As most of you know, the 8 spaces per retreat fill up fast so please send me a deposit of $100.00 to hold your spot.
I have 3 beds outside on the back porch, 3 beds inside and lots of sleeping bag and blow up bed space, tent and RV parking. Please bring bedding and a towel. Wine is always nice! If you would rather stay in a motel in town I recommend the Humboldt House Inn and the Benbow Inn.
It all starts with breakfast at 9:00 on Friday. I recommend arriving on Thursday night so we can get a good start after breakfast Friday morning.
Please let me know if you have food allergies or have a gluten free or vegetarian diet so I can plan our menu.
All of my supplies are here and available for you but it's OK to bring your stash. Plus bring your knitting for down time or a good book and a "head light".
No need to bring towels for the workshop. I have tons.
I will be sending a list of supplies for you to bring when the time is closer.
When you sign up let me know;
Food alergies, gluten free, vegetarian.
Where you would like to sleep so I can save your spot.
If you are arriving on Thursday night.
If you questions, don't hesitate to ask.
To sign up send a check for $100.00 to Carin Engen
43 Alice Ave. Garberville, Ca. 95542

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  1. Carin, I would very much like to come to your next felting retreat. I am very pleased with what I have been creating since taking your classes at OFFF this year. Also, I owe you $23. Please send me a mailing address and i will send it to you. thanks for everything
    Nancy Skakel